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Julie DesGroseilliers
Julie DesGroseilliers,
nutritionist and «I love 5 to 10 servings a day» campaign spokesperson
Photo credit : Isabelle Lamy

It’s the merry month of May…time to enjoy fresh fruit!

In the past year, fruit juices have often made front-page news. Even the next edition of the Canadian Food Guide seems to think it may not make sense to include fruit juices in the Fruits and Vegetable food group. The fact is, to benefit from the nutrients that exist in the pulp and peel, we have to eat the whole fruit and not simply drink the liquid that’s been squeezed out. To get your full share of vitamins, minerals, and fibre, start eating whole fresh fruit, and drink fruit juice in moderate amounts only. To find out more about this topic, I invite you to read my article “Do you like fruit juice a little, a lot…or by the litre?”

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