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Julie DesGroseilliers
Julie DesGroseilliers,
nutritionist and «I love 5 to 10 servings a day» campaign spokesperson
Photo credit : Isabelle Lamy

Fruits and vegetables are NOT expensive!

I often hear people say that eating healthy is expensive. And that the price of fruits and vegetables is too high. Well, you know what? That’s totally fake news. A 540 ml can of chickpeas is just $1.35, a brick of tofu, $2.50…and can you guess how much 10 servings of fruits and vegetables cost? To learn more, check out my monthly blog. Here’s a clue: 10 servings of these colourful foods packed with healthful benefits cost less than one cup of flavoured coffee!

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Mettez-y du coeur! (Put your heart into it!)

Here is the new "I love" campaign! It features four new visuals that include the well-known heart figures, plus a new slogan: “Mettez-y du coeur!” (Put your heart into it!). The aim remains simple and straightforward... More

To make the most of your recipes holidays, put your heart in it!

With their fruit and vegetable flavours, these colourful recipes are a perfect way to ring in a healthy holiday lifestyle with all your friends and family. More