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« I love 5 to 10 servings a day » campaign

« I love 5 to 10 servings a day » campaign


The “I love 5 to 10 servings a day” campaign was launched in 2004 by the Quebec Produce Marketing Association (QPMA) in an effort to raise consumer awareness on the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Intended for the Quebec market, the campaign is entirely funded by the produce industry with the help of valuable partners. While it does focus on the healthy nature of fruits and vegetables, the initiative is mostly about how much FUN eating them is. Nutrition consultant, author and guest speaker Julie DesGroseilliers has been the campaign spokesperson since its inception. You can read her compelling words on the subject in Les mots de Julie.


For over 10 years now, the “I Love” campaign has developed numerous projects to help promote the consumption of produce. Its latest advertising effort encourages consumers to “eat better, one serving at a time” by showing them how easy it is to add an extra portion of fruits and vegetables to their diet each day. Please visit our tips and tricks section for real-life ways of increasing your produce intake and get more information on measuring servings.

In collaboration with several partners, the campaign has developed a variety of information tools on fruits and vegetables you can download free of charge. It also sponsors a number of projects and events in line with its mission every year.


The campaign logo has very special meaning. The heart shape refers to the health benefits and fun times that come with eating fruits and vegetables, while the five hearts represent the minimum number of daily servings as recommended in Canada’s Food Guide. Each heart represents a different colour group – red, yellow-orange, green, blue-violet and white-brown – to highlight the variety of produce items that should find their way on our plates every day.


Spring 2017 (French only)

For a second year, “Put your heart into it” will be the campaign signature, conveyed on four different visuals. In the coming weeks, audiences can see 15-second spots, as well as integrated banner commercials during shows on the Radio-Canada main channel, as well as on various specialty channels like RDI, Explora, and ARTV.

At the same time, the campaign will run online, appearing on various sites, including,,, and, and on social media through Facebook ads and videos. And by teaming up with Les Éditions Pratico-Pratique, the campaign will enjoy another window for extra visibility.

Spring 2016 (French only)

The campaign features four new visuals that include the well-known heart figures, plus a new slogan: “Mettez-y du coeur!” (Put your heart into it!). The aim remains simple and straightforward: to remind consumers how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables, and also how easy it is to make them part of our daily lives in all sorts of ways, including recipes, smoothies, snacks, and preserves.

The campaign appear on numerous billboards in Montreal, Quebec City, Trois-Rivières, and Sherbrooke, and on many websites as well, including,,, It also have a generous helping of social media visibility with Facebook ads.

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